An Auto Shop You Can Trust

Having some car body issues? Would you like to hire a reliable expert that can take a look at the electrical system of your vehicle? Whatever the case might be, you shouldn’t look for anyone else, because Browns Auto Body is here to impress you. Based in Savannah, TN, we are a shop that offers auto body services like no other. Has your vehicle sustained some kind of collision damage? If you want to make everything smooth like never before, then our experts will definitely make it happen. You can also benefit from our services in the areas listed below!

  • Olivet, TN;
  • Walkertown, TN;
  • Bucktown, TN;

Working on an auto body frame requires some serious experience. Luckily for you, our specialists have spent years perfecting their craft, and today, their professional abilities are at your service. Whether you would like to have your car looked over for any electrical issues or to benefit from our remarkable auto body painting work, you’re always welcome here. Are you interested in learning what else our dedicated specialists can do for your vehicle? Do not hesitate, and send us your questions via the provided contact form, or call us directly at the phone number listed below!

(731) 389-9109

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